Saturday, July 17, 2010

O.K So My Computer Stopped Working :((

Hi Pink Pals

I just wanted to say that Iam here and so very sorry for not posting a new video yet, my laptop has made the decision to stop working UGHHHHH!!!! so I have been on with tech supprt for the last two days trying to troubleshoot (by the way I don't think those two words should be combined lol) and after losing everything on my computer recovery to factory mode and any other thing they could throw at me they decide that maybe it is a computer hardware and that I need to ship it out to them UGHHHHH!!!! (2-4 week) so for the next few weeks I must share the desktop with my dear unhappy husband lol! I will have a video up hopeful for Monday cause he works on the older windows and I will have to figure all that out UGHHHHH!!!!
So Pink Pals, Iam here please be patien with me and please pray that my husband makes it lol!!!


  1. Soooo sorry about your laptop! I'll pray for you DH. I'm sure he'll make it a lot better than he thinks he will!! Have an awesome weekend and look forward to a video on Monday. :)

  2. I feel for you my pink sis. I hope you get it back sooner that what they said.