Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cricut Craft Room Meets Imagine !

Hello My Create Friends,

I hope your weekend has been filled with goodtimes and some crafty creations, I'm still trying to settle back into my home mode after this past weeks travel episode LOL! So I was able to spend a few minutes (and I do mean a few) with the Cricut Class Room online software from Provo Craft (which is FREE!) and introduce it to my Imagine Girl, and what a fun time I had working with the two of them together.

I have read a few post on the Cricut message board from asking about this and if the CCR was compatable with the Imagine and YES they do play well together LOL! I just grab my Cricut Lite cartridge Block Party and the Imagine cartridge Kates Kitchen for my first go at it and made this very plan card, nothing fancy as you can see, Im really trying to get my MoJo flowing again.

I do have a couple of screen shot to share with you and pictures today, I hope to beable to make a video soon with this and share it with you all, the Imagine with the CCR is just FABULOUS!!! so my create friends I thank you for stopping over toda and hope that you are inspired to create something for yurself and someone else in your life, YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please take a stop over at Creative Critterz Imaginations Blog to see what the new design team and I have been creating:)

Create Hugs


  1. This is really cute Edna, I like the background you used. I'm glad to hear CCR is working with the Imagine...I have a hard time figuring out sizing on my Imagine, and I think looking at the images on a computer monitor, a little bigger of a display will help me visualize them a little better than the screen the Imagine has. Thanks for sharing your screen shots!!

  2. This is just great!!! Love the colors! :)

  3. Great Job! I was not going to work with craft room until I saw that we could use it with the Imagine.