Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Cricut Paper Placement Tutorial

Hello My Create Friends!

Today I want to share withyou a quick video tutorial that I made which I have had many emails and comment request for, it will show the process which I use in making my choice for my scrap paper size and placment on the cricut cutting mat. I hope this answers some of the questions and that it's helpful to you, thanks for stopping over today and visit again very soon for some creative inspiration.


Create Hugs


  1. Hi Edna, thanks so much - really helpful as I have a tonne of scraps that I can now use instead of cutting up a whole piece! : )

  2. Awesome Edna -as always! You asked if there was anything you thought could be added to your instructional video- I have not been at this as long as you - so maybe I am wrong in doing this but - I always start at the bottom left of the mat with my base image - then I can hit my set paper size button for the first layer - and the machine will tell me if it is going to be too big - and I make it smaller if I have to - that way I know what size i can do all of the layers - I have done it at the top right as you did and put in too big of a size and had the blade cut into the next scrap paper below my first one and then I am out both scraps - but you are a pro and have an amazing eye for knowing how big to do them! THANKS for inspiring me!