Saturday, September 24, 2011

Digital Cricut Handbooks To Your IPhone !

Hello My Create Friends!!!!!

wow! I'm super Duper Excited ! I have finally been able to figure out how to put all the digital handbooks for my cricut cartridges to my IPhone YIPPIE!!!!! so I have made a video to show how I did this to share with any of you that may have the IPhone and wanting to do this.

I have to say that I'm not a tech kind of gal, so with that said I kow that other ways to make this happen and they maybe easier then mine but this is what I came up with lol!!! please if you have any questions that I maybe able to help you out with email me and I will do what I can to help you.

SO I thank you for stopping over today and hope that you have been inspired with my tutorial today :)



  1. Thanks soooooo much for this great tip!!! I'm uploading all right now! So excited to have these all on my iphone!!

  2. G'Day from Australia!! OMG.. I did not know you could do this THANKS I am sharing this with all my friends!! Thanks for all the tutorials I love them!! Cheers jendewar at

  3. Thanks Edna -- what an awesome tutorial. I must do this soon….super duper tips. :)

  4. That is awesome!! What I used to do is in my I Phone go to and go to the cart that I wanted and click digital handbook. When it finally loaded in the corner will appear something that says Open in I Books and it will record that handbook in I Books. If it doesn't appear Open in I books click on the screen and you will see it. That method is helpful when is just one and you don't want to use the computer but the way you did it is so much easier specially for the girls that have a lot of carts. Awesome Tip!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  5. Awesome tutorial Edna :) Thanks for sharing how to do it!

  6. Awesome tutorial Edna...I just got mine all synced to my IPod Touch. Wahoo! I am so excited right now...thanks so much!!!

  7. Edna, this is AWESOME!!! Just another reason why I need that phone!!! Hubby was just watching w/me I kept saying, "how cool is this"...hint, hint hehehe, so maybe soon!
    Puppy Hugs,
    Wendy aka Roo

  8. Thank you. I do not have an iphone but I do own an IPOD touch, so this was very, very helpful...


  9. Wow!! This is awesome!!! I can't wait to try it! Now when i go on crops all i need is my phone and my gypsy! Yahoo!!!