Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where Is Edna ??

Hi My Create Friends!

I have scheduled some post just to keep you all thinking about me Lol!!! today I'm still sailing the seas and lying on the beaches playing in the sand lol!! I'm sure that my Besty and I are up to something lol!!! we all was have a blast cruising together.

I look forward to when I return sharing with you all some of our great adventures and who know maybe a video or two out of it Lol!!! I do miss you all my creative friends and spending time in my studio to share with all of you my create friends.

I'm wishing all is well with each and everyone of you and that if you're someplace cold I send you warm sunny thoughts if your someplace warm help me send those warm wishes to our colder create friend :) and as always remeber that YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See You All Soon
Create Hugs


  1. Hope ya'll are having a fantastic time!!! Looking forward to hearing all about ya'll's adventures!! :)

  2. What a beautiful photo, looking forward to hearing about your amazing trip.

  3. I have never been on a trip like that, I'm jealous! Have a great time, can't wait till you get back. I love your videos.


  4. Edna,
    Im glad that you are having so much fun on your cruise.Im praying for a safe trip for you all.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!.

  5. Even though you are having a blast (yippee!) I am missing your creativity. Can't wait for you to get back.