Monday, March 16, 2015

Goood Monday ! A Kitty is Lose

Happy Monday! Create Friends

What a beautiful Monday morning it is so sweet in the air and the sunshine is warm I just love the start of the Spring season. I know with the change in seasons comes change in allergies and etc. so I have been working on the feel better cards, as I sniff and sneeze Lol!

I thank you for visiting me and taking time out to say hello and share you inspirations, I would love to see you all join me on the Facebook page and share your beautiful creations. I will be seeing you all again very soon, the new studio is finally complete last night and I will be putting things in place yah!

Create Best



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  1. Great card Edna!! I love Hello Kitty. The papers you used are great and I love the washi tape!!! :)