Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Faux Wood Panel

Good Day Inking Ones!

I'am a day behind, For-give! I have caught the worset ever flu/cold thing yucky! but that can't keep a good creative soul down Right! lol! so I have this color inspiration given to me from the fab, Megan of I Teach STamping (Demo Sister) and it has turned into a favorite forsure.

I was'nt to sure in the start of creating, then as I went into my stamp collections rumaging to find some inspiration, Waaaa-Laaa! it just click! Lol! I love when this happen during a creative flow with the MoJo going some awesome 80's tunes turning and its magic!

I hope you all are doing well and I would love for you to visit me at my facebook, instagram, or even Bloglovin, (NewFav) pintest if you like also! I will be back super soon to share some Fabulous exciting news with you all!

Happy Inking
Edna Marie

1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love this card Edna!!! I so love how you did the bg!!! And that burlap ribbon is great! Gotta get some of that! :)