Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Cheers!

Hello Friday Inkers!

Well I'am so sorry for the MIA this past week, I have been down sick with the Yucky Flu stuff ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! so today I'am actully out of my bed and making it to the living room and couch lol! I wanted to share with you all some great things that are happening right now with Stampin Up and the END OF YEAR CLOSEOUT SALE!

This is a great time to get your favoite goodies before they go away, the retire list is up for the Holiday catalog and you can see what favoite you will need to stockup on. The clearence area has some fantastic deals and if you hungout with me this past Saturday Night Live you saw me use a few of the package items that are on mark down that are perfect not only for the holiday season  also for the new coming year!

I'am also sharing some of my cards that I recieved for many of you and I will be card sharing until the start of the New Year, you all are so creative and giving with sharing your talent with me and all the other wonderful Inkers!

Okay click my store link to shop the closeout goodies SHOP HERE CLOSE-OUT GOODIES

           CARDS FROM JOHANNE MOORE!!!!!!!!!!

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