Monday, March 27, 2017

Pop of Paradise!

Make-It-Monday Inkers!

Soooooooo! the winner by your choice from last weeks Facebook poll, was Pop of Paradise! yes it is a fantastic set and I do love that it's so  perfect for this time of year the brining into spring colors and sunny days. I actully was so inspired by the set this time I was able to use it for all of this weeks creative posting that I will be sharing with you!

I even did a little mixing with both sets together so everyones a winner this week lol! I hope that you enjoy this creation and look forward to see the others during the week. I have posted the new INKERS CLUB CREATIVE KIT FOR APRIL! and it is of course my favorite for a very special reason He! He! you watch the video and you will know!

SO join me this month and have some creative funtime, I thank you all for your awesome support and most of all your Freindship!

Happy Inking
Edna Marie

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